Welcome to the 3 Peaks Challenge Sunday 12th May : 04:00

Give it a go! We will be starting at the top of Castle Hill, briefing at 03:45, and cycle in ability groups with a safety vehicle (sag wagon) behind) along to Hervey's Range Tea rooms where our first stop will be. We will then head towards the big climb of Mt Stuart, where a cold refreshment will be waiting for you a stop at the top for a group photo op, then away we go carefully descending and on to finish back on the top of castle hill for a last group photo free BBQ and a beer or two to celebrate the achievement, included. We have all day, so there is no rush the cost is for the safety vehicles, refreshments and support along the way. You will be grouped in rider ability and speed, groups of 30-35Kph and Groups of 25-30kph. Will you make all THREE?!


This ride is for anyone who wants to have a go!

Note - This is a supported training group and not a race, you are advised to carry your own insurance, organisers will not accept any responsibility for injury loss of damage to you or a third party.  Triathlon Australia members are covered for training as long as their membership is in date.  If you are a member of another organisation i.e. cycling Australia please check your membership insurance details and make sure you are covered.

Map of the proposed Route

Please note this route is subject to change between hills due to traffic conditions on the day