Well I haven't blogged for a while as we have had a break - now the season in NQ is kicking off and people are starting to look at new goals in Triathlon and indeed starting from scratch to test themselves.

I wanted to share my own experience as a coach - being coached!

When you learn anything new its generally hard, its all alien, new words phrases, people, it can be all intimidating no matter how cool you think you are, you are at the bottom of the poo pile! 

"Build your Engine"

I have recently started to learn to row (sculling) it's been a boyhood dream from when I watched the Oxford to Cambridge boat race as a child.  It's taken me a while but here I am, I've arrived!  The idea of integrating something new into my Triathlon training plan that was a little different, also appealed to me.  A chance inquiry from a lovely lady wanting to learn about Triathlon, opened this door, whom happened to be a great coach - but I didn't know that yet.  So, if you can get your head around it, the coac...

August 30, 2018

"When my alarm went off,  I sprang out of bed eager to begin race day!"

It’s now been just over a week since the Intersport Townsville Triathlon Festival and I thought it was time to finally write up my first race review.

I had a restless nights’ sleep before the event, even after finishing work at 9pm, (which I DO NOT recommend before your first race) I still tossed and turned all night waking up almost every half hour to check the time. Despite the restless sleep, when my alarm went off I sprang out of bed eager to begin race day!

I’d laid my gear out the night before, so after going through my mental checklist at least another half dozen times and eating my usual pre-race peanut butter and honey toast, I was out the door and on my way.

I made sure to get there early enough to get a parking spot close by. I’m the type of person that will be there half an hour before the half hour to begin, but still be rushing to the start line and this day was no exception, but more on that soon.


General Guidelines 

It occurred to me at the last weekend of racing in Townsville that many of the competitors could have boosted their performance by knowing how to fuel correctly so I have put some general guidelines below for perusal and a little bit about inflammation - Over the years I have used many products some to good effect and some really bad for me that are too harsh or simply just don't do what they say on the box.

Before we have a look at the general guidelines, a little bit about the "Good Ol Fat burning myth" As an endurance athlete you simply need to eat good wholesome food you don't need to go on any special crazy new age diet as the longer you go your body will naturally adapt and burn fat - and that is a undisputed fact.

Event – 1-2 hours in duration - Sprint

  • Primary Fuel glycogen – dependent on overall individuals intensity

  • Hydration should be 4-600ml per hour @ 26 degrees C

Event 2-4 hours in Duration – Standard / Olympic

August 15, 2018

I’ve always been the type of person where the harder it sounds, the more I want to do it.

I’ve done 24 hour challenges consisting of bike, row and run in teams, I’ve done so many charity runs I can’t keep count now (my favourite being the Wings for Life World Run) and in 2015 I even competed in a 3 day wheelbarrow event, that’s right a wheelbarrow event! In teams, we pushed a wheelbarrow 140km over 3 days to raise money for our chosen charity. So when a friend of mine said he was doing Cairns Ironman this year, I was intrigued. I’d heard of triathlon before but all I knew was that there was a swim, bike and run involved, that’s it. So I jumped on google and started researching. I looked up triathlons in Townsville and that’s when I came across the Townsville Tri Fest. After that I was hooked, I had my sights set on the Tri Fest and there was no going back.

To give you a little bit of context, the only sport I’ve ever played before is Netball. I played for about 10 years but nothing seri...

I want to do 70.3 and Standard / Sprint distance races am I able to do this? I get asked this question a lot from individuals so thought I would put my thoughts

June 4, 2018

Now before we jump into leg #2, we thought we’d cover another anxiety increasing area of triathlon…..Transition. For being such a small part of a triathlon, your transition can either improve the flow of your race, or cause you a great deal of pain! So here it is….Transition 101.

What is transition?

For those new to triathlon, transition is one of the less talked about unknowns. Quite literally it is the step between the legs of your event. This is where you swap out your swim gear for your cycling gear, and then you’re cycling gear for your running gear. Simple, right?! Well, not always. Sometimes we are in such a hurry to move onto the next leg, we forget simple little things that can become really big problems down the track.

So, depending on how your event is set up, you will either have a T1 (swim to bike transition) and T2 (bike to run transition) in different places, or it will all be at the same transition point for each switch. The key to transition is in your preparation.

So how...

May 30, 2018

 We are intending to start a series of blogs about things that seem so obvious to the well acquainted and yet may be the thing we didn't know we didn't know. So some well pointed questions will undoubtedly free you from some potential embarrassment or world rocking epic fails.  Through our own experiences Jane – Magnetic Island Crossing, Green Island and Lake Argyle 20K swim and I (Priscilla) 70.3 and Ironman, with a little guidance from the friendly coaches of NQTA, will attack these topics for you.

There are many things in life that we approach and take on with our eyes wide open; knowing exactly what we are in for, what the end result is likely to be and how to get from start to finish. Triathlons are not in this category. We think we have a pretty good idea to start with. We choose an event, usually based on the length of the race, the location, proximity to home and cost. We know there will be months of training and that, on the day, we will give it all we have and, if all goe...

May 17, 2018

The Registrations are open for this years TOWNSMAN event, see some of the finishers here from last year.  Its a great event 3 Challenges over 3 Days culminationg in the Townsville Running Festival - The entry to the running festival is included in the price! how good is that!  Also for our finishers we invite you for a social BBQ after the event, so we can here your stories.  So grab ya mates and give it a kick .  You can register here 

If you have any questions jut drop us a line check our web site here first it might have the answers you need.

You can email us anytime righ here

May 13, 2018

Sometimes there are no words to describe this deeply personal journey, the ups and downs, highs and lows that go with challenging yourself to the very end of your limits and beyond them.  Such a profound learning curve in life has Lake Argyle been that there are a few lasting memories to be shared from this once in a lifetime experience. Note I never never want to swim 20km for the first time again – and yet if it meant that I took half as much from it as I have from this journey – I would do every agonising mile twice.  

When I nominated for this event in November last year I had no idea that I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, until I stood on the bow of the boat prior to race start on Saturday the enormity of the undertaking had been lost on me. The truth is as I dived into the water to tackle a marathon of a race I knew nothing about; I found myself in the same space I was on the morning of my very first open water race, scared, excited and with no expectations of what the...

April 22, 2018

When I last signed off on this blog my thoughts were on the biggest ocean swim I was yet to attempt. I was comforted by the knowledge it was only 5 km further then the last one; my friends were coming with me; and nothing to date had really put me mentally in a place I couldn’t handle. Was I in for a shock! So - what is it really like to attempt your first 15km swim? Kinda like taking an over energetic Kelpie puppy - or a 3 year old on their first mustering trip.

Forget about sleep. After laying out 4 different swim suits, 2 types of sunscreen and 15 water bottles I spent the night considering statistics on bull sharks, crocodiles and jelly fish. Then like the proverbial toddler at the zoo – made sure everyone was awake at 4am, got changed 3 times and then nearly missed the boat. By the time I hit the water I felt like a 3 year old who had fruit-loops drenched in a double shot expresso for breakfast. The three mad (but very experienced) mates who had embarked on this swim to keep me com...

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All the way to the Finish

August 30, 2018

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