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We are now live as a Squad under Triathlon Australia and by joining the Squad you are covered by the same privileges as a club. The general idea is that you want to progress in the sport in a supportive community with access to some great resources that the Academy has. So why not Join today? Ok then why should I join? That's a good question - go have a look what our clients say Past Clinics…/Annual_Membership.htm… We had to think long and hard about why we are doing this - but we have a passion to help others and love to see them achieve their goal. We are with them every step of the way! So now - Your Squad; NQ Triathlon Academy, has been approved by

Hydrate with natural products

Hydrate or die - you have seen all the hype and the adverts or maybe read up on what's the best way to rehydrate - most products are full of additives sugars and things with E at the front of them. At the Academy we want you to experience the best that nature intended for us, we think that one of the best hydration products on the market is Coconut water in particular Cocosamu.

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