Swimming by Starlight

When I last signed off on this blog my thoughts were on the biggest ocean swim I was yet to attempt. I was comforted by the knowledge it was only 5 km further then the last one; my friends were coming with me; and nothing to date had really put me mentally in a place I couldn’t handle. Was I in for a shock! So - what is it really like to attempt your first 15km swim? Kinda like taking an over energetic Kelpie puppy - or a 3 year old on their first mustering trip. Forget about sleep. After laying out 4 different swim suits, 2 types of sunscreen and 15 water bottles I spent the night considering statistics on bull sharks, crocodiles and jelly fish. Then like the proverbial toddler at the zoo –

In Search of a Swimming Spot

Diary of an Amateur Open Water Swimmer 30 days till splash and 3 days post Easter carrying 10% of my body weight in chocolate and wishing for a high intensity sport! Back in November when nominations opened for this event it seemed like a long way away and now the days are galloping past like a mickey bull that has seen a gap in the scrub. The last few weeks have given a whole new meaning to keeping your shirt on…and pulling your socks up. Even more enlightening is the discovery that there are a million ways (and places) to train if you are looking hard enough. This is simply next level in a game of getting fit, getting it done and getting good at it. There have been tyres to go on bikes, sh

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