The Tri-ingAthletes Guide to Questions You should really ask. Part 1 - The Swim

We are intending to start a series of blogs about things that seem so obvious to the well acquainted and yet may be the thing we didn't know we didn't know. So some well pointed questions will undoubtedly free you from some potential embarrassment or world rocking epic fails. Through our own experiences Jane – Magnetic Island Crossing, Green Island and Lake Argyle 20K swim and I (Priscilla) 70.3 and Ironman, with a little guidance from the friendly coaches of NQTA, will attack these topics for you. There are many things in life that we approach and take on with our eyes wide open; knowing exactly what we are in for, what the end result is likely to be and how to get from start to finish. Tr

It's OPEN!

The Registrations are open for this years TOWNSMAN event, see some of the finishers here from last year. Its a great event 3 Challenges over 3 Days culminationg in the Townsville Running Festival - The entry to the running festival is included in the price! how good is that! Also for our finishers we invite you for a social BBQ after the event, so we can here your stories. So grab ya mates and give it a kick . You can register here If you have any questions jut drop us a line check our web site here first it might have the answers you need. You can email us anytime righ here #Townsman2018 #RunningFestival #Townsman #NQTA

Learnings of Lake Argyle - Diary of an Amateur Open Water Swimmer

Sometimes there are no words to describe this deeply personal journey, the ups and downs, highs and lows that go with challenging yourself to the very end of your limits and beyond them. Such a profound learning curve in life has Lake Argyle been that there are a few lasting memories to be shared from this once in a lifetime experience. Note I never never want to swim 20km for the first time again – and yet if it meant that I took half as much from it as I have from this journey – I would do every agonising mile twice. When I nominated for this event in November last year I had no idea that I had no idea what I was doing. In fact, until I stood on the bow of the boat prior to race start on

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