April 6, 2018

Diary of an Amateur Open Water Swimmer

30 days till splash and 3 days post Easter carrying 10% of my body weight in chocolate and wishing for a high intensity sport! Back in November when nominations opened for this event it seemed like a long way away and now the days are galloping past like a mickey bull that has seen a gap in the scrub. The last few weeks have given a whole new meaning to keeping your shirt on…and pulling your socks up. Even more enlightening is the discovery that there are a million ways (and places) to train if you are looking hard enough.

This is simply next level in a game of getting fit, getting it done and getting good at it. There have been tyres to go on bikes, shoes to put on horses, cattle to shift, fences to check and in the middle of it all we still have bills to pay and find no excuse not to train. The truth is there are days where it doesn’t all fit and you make it work anyway. I took a moment to pinch myself from the passenger seat of the helicopter on...

March 19, 2018

As I added socks and a t-shirt to my swimsuit and googles this week, set my watch to count down from 40 min and waded out into somewhat murky, fast flowing river water that was the same temperature and turbulence as refrigerated jet pool I realized that my quest to learn to swim long distance in open water had taken on a whole new meaning. While we all begin great goals with the end in mind, its not the finish line that matters – but how you got there. And trust me this is no cheesy cliché, or American football movie. Its’ how extraordinary experiences changes ordinary people in ways they could never have dreamed.   I decided that maybe there a few people out there that would get a laugh at the journey preparing for a marathon swim. So – you ask – why would anyone train in sometimes murky rock bottomed river when you could peacefully follow the black line at the local pool – or even just sit on the edge, eat ice cream and encourage the kids to do another lap?

18 months ago I would...

February 16, 2018

I get to........  I am going to......

Recently we ran our weekend Triathlon clinic for this pre season and a fantastic weekend it was.  We were lucky enough to have a mindfulness lecture by Maurice Harvey-Hall, one of the things we discussed was fear.  

Turning the negative emotions in to positive energy, because we know it’s going to arrive and be there, sat on our shoulder come race day.  If we know it’s coming we can control it to some degree in so invite it along - on your terms.

Along with fear comes its friend anxiety- so how do we deal with these two twins!  Well a suggested method is to change the focus of a what if..... to a I am going to ...... and relish in the fact that you get to participate and are fortunate enough to be able to.  Not everyone is so fortunate.

So have a positive and short mantra, that brings all the good vibes to the forefront ( just do it  - is probably the worlds best known).  So the next time you are looking at the water on the start line - evoke the mantr...

September 27, 2017

With the World Championships behind us and many races this year - it's a good time for all of us to reflect on what you have achieved and how you achieved it - but why should we do that? Well let's have a look at a little of the psychology of setting and achieving goals.  

We live in an age where goals are king. Our societies tell us that setting and achieving them is just the only way to lead a fulfilling life, and thus the only way to be truly happy, but that we also need to enjoy the process in between — the “journey,” they call it.

Just do it

It’s a pervasive phenomenon and it affects how we feel about the success of ourselves and others (or lack thereof), and about how we approach life itself. “Work Hard, Dream Big,” as Nike says. “Just Do It.”

But what happens after an event one that you have been training for, for so long? When I finish a race I say to myself what am I gonna do next? I’ve reach one stage, and so what is the next peak experience in my life?'”

The problem with go...

September 4, 2017

These people have worked so hard to achieve their goals which is now coming to fruition.  Like we always say the hardest part of any race is:

Getting to the start line

As the last of the 70.3 racers Ben Cooper departs today to meet the rest of the NQTA team in Chattanooga USA, we would like to wish them all the best for the race this weekend.  The ladies race is first on the Saturday, with the men on the Sunday.

The following weekend we have the Olympic or Standard distance world championships in Europe- Rotterdam. With Josh and Lisa representing Australia- what a great honour for all of them. 

In the picture 

Josh and Lisa Woolfe (Standard distance- coached by NQTA ) Belinda Leppien (coached by NQTA ) Tony Flanders, (Coached by OCD) Graham Pemberton ( withdrew with an old injury) Front row Ben Cooper and Scott Owens (Coached by NQTA).

Photo credit Ros Bud

July 23, 2017

It's nearly time to Challenge yourself

3 events 3 days 1 challenge 

Entries will close on 30 July for the event - the running festival entry is included in the Townsman event fee, so why not combine both and enter?  If you have ever wanted to have a go at a triathlon then this is the best way to do it.  One event over three days, and if your a well seasoned triathlete this is a great event to try for some PBs.  

An event that is also great for teams to get onboard and have a go at with great T shirts and medals for the finishers it will make for a great story at the after party! 

Be sure to check out our event page on FB for updates - our web site for the athlete guide  or your email ( you may need to check your spam or junk folder) if your already registered.

See you on the start line.

June 16, 2017


We are now open for memberships under Triathlon Australia! A limited number of places are available for adult and junior triathletes who want to work towards their #trigoals in a supportive and progressive environment.  

Check out the link for info, or head straight to the TA website to join!

Questions send us an email to:

May 29, 2017

Have you ever wondered how you manage to get through a particularly stressful period – whether it’s an intense deadline at work, final exams in school or a spate of holiday houseguests – only to get sick after the stress has lifted?

Well it’s the same for taper in to big events many people will taper too much and become sick from inactivity, because this makes the immune system venerable so it’s important to keep going through the taper, back off the distance for sure but you can increase the intensity levels, to “Tick Over”’

While this is not new, it is not fully understood by many, probably because the immune system is so complex. First, psychological stress is associated with mobilisation of our white blood cells. In addition, elevated cortisol also contributes to immune balance, up-regulating some inflammatory cytokines and down-regulating others, resulting in a scenario where white blood cells, our key defence mechanism, are unable to be fully effective in defending the body fr...

May 24, 2017

We have found that having a race plan is an essential element for any race to be successful.  So many people just simply don't think to have one and then fail to execute.  The race plan can be as simple or as detailed as you like and it's designed to keep you focused in "the moment" that I talked about in my last article.  

There are 8 key elements to the race plan to consider, pre-race | Start | Swim phase |Bike phase | Run Phase | Transitions | Nutrition and finally Recovery.  All these elements need consideration.

"Live in your moment"

So let's just look at what I would consider for the pre-race phase of say a 70.3.  If I look back to my Race at Taupo 70.3 where I had a great race which felt easy in the lovely cool climate that is New Zealand in December.  

How did I prepare? - first thing to consider is the travel how much time will you be inactive for? Can I make this a rest day in my taper plan, if so will it be good quality rest (we will cover off on rest days in...

May 22, 2017

So we all think we know what cramps are right - how we get them?  Well it’s a little more complex than we think, so stick with us here you will get the point, but first the science.

Sports scientists now think that the best way to stop cramps is to overload the nervous system somewhere else.

No one has ever really attributed cramps to anything specific and as such we are not completely sure why we get cramps while we’re exercising.

For decades we have worked off the theory that reduced electrolyte levels within the muscles stops the process of muscle relaxation from happening at the level of the muscle cell. But more recent theories are leaning towards more of nervous system malfunction as the cause for cramps.

Use pickles or gherkins to stop cramps! 

It’s thought that for some reason, the nerve that tells the muscle to contract and relax, gets stuck and continuously fires to the muscle, telling it to stay contracted. Sports scientists now think that the best way to stop this is to overload...

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