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Meet our team




Triathlon Development Coach*

Strength and Conditioning coach*

Special interest in Sports Chiropractic

Dry Needling


Bachelor of Applied Science

Masters of Clinical Chiropractic

Claire has recently gained a spot at the World Ironman Championships 2020/21 at Kona

Claire Ferguson
Chiropractor and Athlete


Please mention NQTA when you book an appointment


Born in: Sheffield, England

Main Skills/Strengths: I have a passion for how the body functions and to help people to get theirs working as best they can to help them achieve their goals. 

Something interesting you have done: Recently went to Phuket in Thailand and spent a day in an elephant sanctuary, feeding and bathing them, it was an amazing experience- I would go and live with them if I could!! 

Achievements: I started doing triathlons in 2013, after… enjoying my 20’s way too much! The first one was Saunder’s Beach enticer, and I hated every minute of it, but I knew I was hooked! In September 2020 I completed my 4th Ironman in amongst renovating the house and building a chiropractic practice for the last few years, I’m pretty proud that I’ve made fitness a priority again. 

About Me: I had been very active as a kid and through my teens, but in my 20’s, big hours at uni and work meant that got pushed to the side. When I opened my own practice, I thought I had better start to walk the talk- get my health and fitness in order and be a good example to the people who I was trying to get to do the same.


When I met my husband, he had done a couple of triathlons and gave me the push I needed to have a go myself. Like I said I hated every minute of that first one, but the feeling afterwards was amazing! Its such a huge part of my life now, I love the people you meet, setting goals for myself, and training towards a significant event. 

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