Tri Clinic

February 10-11 2018

With the success of our Triathlon 2 day coaching clinics last year we have decided to hold the next one in Feb 2018.  These were extremely successful last year and proved good grounding for the attendees.  This year we are focusing on beginners to intermediate level.  So if you are new to the sport of have been in the sport for a couple of seasons, then this is the clinic for you! Limited to 20 people so we can give you the maximum benefit of our very experienced coaches:

What you will learn:


Swim: will have you in the pool where we will carry out some under and above water video analysis to help you get the best out of your stroke. While you have morning tea (provided), we will review the video and suggest how we can help you improve, then its back in the pool for some corrective drills.

Lunch: included. Please let us know if you have dietary requirements

Lectures: you will learn about the all important HR training Zones, with additional lectures on body management and training plans, and so much more we don't have space for it here!


Run: kicks off nice and early with a Zone 2 training run.  Most people run too fast in training, we need you to understand a "feel" what a real zone 2 looks like and why this is a key element in your training. We will at the same time be taking some footage of your running technique for optional analysis. 

Morning tea & Lecture: cool down in the classroom after your run while we chat about nutrition.

Bike: You'll jump on indoor bikes to carry out an all important Functional Threshold Test, which will be key to setting your training zones- an essential part of your triathlon training.

Lunch: included

Yoga: relax with yoga to bring you back down to earth and give you some markers of why flexibility in this sport is important. 

Lecture: We finish with a lecture on mindfulness, which will blow you away and give you a new perspective and a can-do attitude to 'Anything is possible'.