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Meet our team

Pamela Pemberton
Born in: Porthcawl South Wales
I came in to the sport of triathlon having played at a high level of Hockey and skydiving for many years, and was looking for something new. 
I soon found that I loved triathlon.  From Sprint to 70.3 and Ironman / Challenge events.  I also found that I liked to help people challenge themselves and wanted to pass on some of the basic mistakes and learning I had made along the way.
With that I found a love of coaching. Starting as a club then development coach with Triathlon Australia and now having just completed the high performance coaching course at AIS, I not only have the skills, experience and knowledge to pass on, but also the passion.
Helping people achieve their goal and training SMARTER is my mantra and philosophy.
The Academy is a pathway to fast tracking what has taken year of learnings, on to people and giving them the skills and knowledge base to enjoy the sport from grass roots to high performance.























Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon Programs

TA Accredited

TA Performance Coach (Pending) 

Pam has recently qualified for the world championship Ironman at

Kona 2019/20

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