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NQTA-goes to World Championships

These people have worked so hard to achieve their goals which is now coming to fruition. Like we always say the hardest part of any race is:

Getting to the start line

As the last of the 70.3 racers Ben Cooper departs today to meet the rest of the NQTA team in Chattanooga USA, we would like to wish them all the best for the race this weekend. The ladies race is first on the Saturday, with the men on the Sunday.

The following weekend we have the Olympic or Standard distance world championships in Europe- Rotterdam. With Josh and Lisa representing Australia- what a great honour for all of them.

In the picture

Josh and Lisa Woolfe (Standard distance- coached by NQTA ) Belinda Leppien (coached by NQTA ) Tony Flanders, (Coached by OCD) Graham Pemberton ( withdrew with an old injury) Front row Ben Cooper and Scott Owens (Coached by NQTA).

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