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It’s race time - what’s your biggest fear?

I get to........  I am going to......

Recently we ran our weekend Triathlon clinic for this pre season and a fantastic weekend it was.  We were lucky enough to have a mindfulness lecture by Maurice Harvey-Hall, one of the things we discussed was fear.  

Turning the negative emotions in to positive energy, because we know it’s going to arrive and be there, sat on our shoulder come race day.  If we know it’s coming we can control it to some degree in so invite it along - on your terms.

Along with fear comes its friend anxiety- so how do we deal with these two twins!  Well a suggested method is to change the focus of a what if..... to a I am going to ...... and relish in the fact that you get to participate and are fortunate enough to be able to.  Not everyone is so fortunate.

So have a positive and short mantra, that brings all the good vibes to the forefront ( just do it  - is probably the worlds best known).  So the next time you are looking at the water on the start line - evoke the mantra, feel the vibe and race happy in the knowledge that you got to do that today.

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