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Listen to your Coach

Well I haven't blogged for a while as we have had a break - now the season in NQ is kicking off and people are starting to look at new goals in Triathlon and indeed starting from scratch to test themselves.

I wanted to share my own experience as a coach - being coached!

When you learn anything new its generally hard, its all alien, new words phrases, people, it can be all intimidating no matter how cool you think you are, you are at the bottom of the poo pile!

"Build your Engine"

I have recently started to learn to row (sculling) it's been a boyhood dream from when I watched the Oxford to Cambridge boat race as a child. It's taken me a while but here I am, I've arrived! The idea of integrating something new into my Triathlon training plan that was a little different, also appealed to me. A chance inquiry from a lovely lady wanting to learn about Triathlon, opened this door, whom happened to be a great coach - but I didn't know that yet. So, if you can get your head around it, the coach is coaching the coach, well yes let's move on.

My first attempt in the boat wasn't without its failures.

This was the first time ever that Louise Symonds (My Coach) had been over in a double! and it was the noobies fault, I knew what I'd done - I wasn't listening.......

The learning curve is steep and she pushed me as far as I could handle in each lesson. Loading me up. I am finding it to be a very technical experience and physically demanding in otherways that complement my aerobic endurance for triathlon. It is fantastic cross training, and is really helping me, "build my engine", thanks Louise I stole that phrase from you! So there are a few key take home points that I have learned.

1. Find a coach - you will learn quicker and the right way the first time around,

2. Find a good coach - not all coaches are made equal or have the passion the suits your personality and commitment,

3. Listen to the coach (intently!) - they say things for a reason,

4. Do things in order, on the days scheduled - there is a reason for it,

5. Don't try short cuts - you will get wet!

6. If it doesn't work the first time - get up yes....but understand why it didn't work by asking the coach to explain,

7. Be on time for your lesson - time is the most precious thing in the world and you can't get it back so its priceless, respect that,

8. Don't make excuses - if you need to do homework then do it, preparation is key,

9. Be positive about your own "Failure" - it isn't Failure, but it's something that can be improved upon, laugh at your own mistake this is all part of the learning process

10. Give back - help and encourage someone else as you move up the dog pile - remember you were there once.

11. Have fun but also be serious - it's your time too, so use it,

12. Keep buying your coach coffee and cake - Naww I just made that up!

"Fuel and care for your engine"

So, we as triathletes have an engine that needs building - it takes time and there is a process and the thing is you have to at least understand how that works - "Do the homework". Get some basics - how do I fuel it for endurance? What about hydration? What should I eat drink? How can I get the most out of this engine?! What works for you? Ask the coach, ask others.

Ok the overall point - here it comes - Respect the process, it's not easy trusting someone, but working as a partnership it can be an immensely rewarding experience. Work hard and work to your limits and beyond, push yourself where you dare not go. Nothing worth anything and I mean really worth anything is easy. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the journey!

This is progress after 5 goes being expertly coached by - Louise Symonds apparently I'm actually rowing now!

About Louise: Louise has spent her life competing and trialing different sports. She spent much of her youth playing hockey and once she began her teaching career she wanted to diversify her sporting goals and experience. As such, she began a Learn to Row course which then followed with 2 years of competitive rowing. She has dabbled in running, riding and track cycling. She will soon represent Townsvillle in an upcoming Rowing State Championships to be held on the State course in Brisbane later this month. She will finally be able to "TEST THE ENGINE" she has built from her short time as a newcomer in the triathlon community under my coaching. We also wish her the best of luck for this coming weekend.

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