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70.3 Cairns - Group Training

Don't train alone - Its better Together

Training is about to get real for Cairns 70.3 and Ironman and we still have a few coaching spots left. In order to get the most out of your experience, we are going to be running some group Brick session on Saturday mornings. These will generally start from Riverway, as a Bike (Min 30kph as a group) run (min 6:00min pace) combination. Group running session will be during the week one evening - generally a Tuesday starting at 6:00 min pace - Also a group hill session on Thursday mornings starting from Juliet’s @ 05:00.

So if you want to join in simply ask us for a coaching spot, its only $30.00 per week, includes individual program (you need a premium subscription to Training Peaks) and mentoring in to the race, tips and tricks and advice along the way. Contact us at for further information, no lock in contracts.

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