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Sam Menteith IRONMAN Australia 2019

IRONMAN Australia 2019.   When I first decided that I wanted to race at IRONMAN Australia in May 2019, it was one of pure excitement and nerves. This was finally going to be my chance to step up to my goal distance and really put myself to the test. I remember speak to Pembo about my goals for race day and whilst he reinforced it was going to be a challenge with an increase in training load, moving to a new city, working full time and losing 2hrs a day in commuting to and from work, I was certainly ready to give it a red hot crack.


Throughout the race, I reflected on various training sessions that I completed, knowing that I had actually done longer and harder sessions in training - in theory, race day would be a walk in the park. And to a degree it was.


Whilst an IRONMAN is never easy and the distance must always be respected as you never know what can happen on the day, I trusted in the tools and training that Pembo gave me to tackle anything that came my way.


Now that IRONMAN Australia has come and gone, I am more hungry than ever to get that qualification slot to the World Championships in Hawaii. From the first week of training, Pembo set me up for success with personalised and flexible weekly training plans. When there were times of self doubt and me losing confidence in myself, Pembo took the time out of his day on multiple occasions to help me overcome my fears. Not only did he prepare me to be physically ready for the hilly bike course and 42km run off, but he also prepared me mentally and emotionally to ensure that my mind was just as strong as my body.


I finished IRONMAN Australia with a PB in the swim, ran my best second half marathon, and finished 1.5hrs ahead of my goal time. Post race I am feeling fantastic. The body has never felt better and I only suffered expected DOMS for 2 days, whilst friends of mine weren’t so lucky.


To feel so good during and post race is a testament to Pembo’s knowledge, experience and coaching ability.

Ben Cooper - 70.3

Having Pembo as a coach and mentor has has taught me a lot not only in the sport but also above and beyond helping with life skills too, which I hope to be able to pass on one day and help someone else. Totally recommend his coaching methods and skills.

Coached from from 2016-2019 with the aim to qualify for 70.3 World Championships in Chatanooga USA, which we achieved

Mel - Clint - Justin and Leanne

Can't wait to sign up for my next event, great support, personalised training plans, and a like minded training community

Melanie Humber 70.3 2017

Thanks to you I will now look at life and personal goals as 'anything is possible', the training program your encouragement and belief in people is unbelievable, you really do bring the best out in people. Thank you for everything . Clint Harris IM 2017


Jane Wier - 20K Open water swim

I had just signed up for a 20km swim. Set my sights on a goal that was so big I was almost to scared to tell my friends and my training partner suggested that our combined swimming knowledge (1 triathlete and 1 weekend warrior) may not be enough to prepare me for the level of craziness I wished to embark on. Asking Graham Pemberton and the NQTA team for a bit of guidance proved to be the smartest choice in the whole adventure.


Graham took my very limited open water experience and set a program that gave me the courage to have a go. His training plan accommodated my business and lifestyle, the 300 metres of river I used for a pool and the 300 km of travel I needed to do to make the best use of a weekend training. On top of all that, I had some serious fun. While the Argyle swim was an epic day for me, the months of training and hours spent in the water would not have been possible without the, creativity and encouragement I received to chase my goal. I am truly grateful and believe the experience has had a lasting impact on what I believe is possible. Thankyou Graham and the NQTA team. 

Read Janes Blog 

Josh Vardy - IM 2018

I just want to pass on a massive thanks to coach Claire.

I set out 10 months ago to start training for a Full Ironman, not really getting anywhere with it as life’s distractions had me questioning my capabilities.


Claire has a natural ability to help others find a inner strength, believe in themselves and smash any goal put in front of them.


Claire knows the human body inside and out and the best part about her is she’s real, she understands life throws curveballs but gets you straight back where you need to be without judgement.


Like everyone else out there, the heat of the North Queensland summer really took a toll on me. Working all day in it then training in it, at times became unbearable.  Claire always kept me level headed, told me not to worry about times just follow and trust the process and everything will just fall into place. She was so right!! I got the job done in testing conditions and have never felt stronger in my life.


If anyone out there is looking for that extra push, that coach to inspire and keep you accountable go and see Claire and the team at NQ Triathlon Academy.

Mel Green 70.3

I wanted to take a moment to say a very big thank you for all of your support and coaching to get me through my bucket list dream of finishing a half Ironman. I never thought I would actually get that ticked off. I could not have succeeded so well without your help. I also wanted to say a big thank you to the amazing people in the club.


The helpful advice and encouragement along the the way both during the training session on Saturday and race day out on the track was fantastic. I really wished I was in Townsville to train with you all. Now lets do it faster next year!

Coached in to first 70.3

Brett Steen IM Cairns 2018

Thank you very much for the guidance the last four months mate, there’s absolutely no way I would of got through it without your help

Coached in to first IM 


Caley Johnson - Standard Distance - First Triathlon Aug 2018

Now that the weekend is over I wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t have asked for a better coach! I still cant believe how far I’ve come in only a few months and I have you to credit for that.

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